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2020 Renewables
Wind Farms

Ardoch and Over Enoch

Status: In Construction (Approved March 2012)

The wind cluster is located on Ardoch Farm approximately 16km to the south of Glasgow set on the gentle hills to the north of Whitelee Forest bounded to the west by Loch Hill and Melowther Hill. The village of Eaglesham is situated approximately 3 km to the north west of the site, with the southern edges of East Kilbride lying some 3.5km to the north east of the site. Ardoch Windfarm site is situated on undulating farmland and has elevations of up to 160m above ordnance datum (AOD).

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Loch Hill

Status: Appealed

The 279 hectare (ha) site lies to the east of the Glenkens (the valley of the River Ken), and to the north-east of St John’s Town of Dalry in Dumfries and Galloway.

The proposed site sits on top of Course Hill and Half Mark Hill and is mainly used for the grazing of sheep and cattle. The turbines are proposed to be located in elevations of 220m – 300m above ordnance datum (AOD).

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Lion Hill

Status: In Planning

The windfarm is located in South Lanarkshire approximately 7km south east of Elvanfoot in the Daer Valley, close to the Daer Reservoir. The turbines will be sited adjacent to the operational Clyde Windfarm on agricultural land currently used for rough grazing.


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Status: In Planning

The site is located on land approximately 3km south of Elvanfoot and 7.5km east of Leadhills. The total site area is 46 hectares (ha) and the land cover consists of course grassland which is used mainly for rough grazing. The site is bonded by forestry to the east and is adjacent to the operational Clyde Windfarm. During the planning process the project was reduced from 5 to 4 turbines as a result of feedback regarding landscape and visual impacts. 

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Whitelaw Brae

Status: Application (S36 of the Electricity Act)

Whitelaw Brae Windfarm is approximately 14km to the north of Moffat in the Scottish Borders and approximately 3km to the south of Tweedsmuir. The site comprises a mixture of unimproved, rough, open grazing land and commercial forestry and will be between the Fruid Reservoir and the River Tweed. 

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Status: In Planning

Inverclyde Windfarm is located on the Northern edge of the Renfrewshire hills, immediately South of the Urban area of Greenock and Port Glasgow. The site surrounds the high ground of Corlic Hill (303m above ordnance datum (AOD)) and includes parts of Burnhead Moor, Moukin Moor and Devol Moor.

The 209.8 hectare (ha) site is currently characterised by upland habitat, dominated by heather and grass land.

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Druim Leathann

Status: Approved (February 2014)

The 261 hectare (ha) site is located in the north-east of the Isle of Lewis, approximately 16km north-east of Stornoway and approximately 2km to the west of Tolsta.

Druim Leathann windfarm site mostly lies within a boogy moor landscape and rises to 100 to 110m above ordnance datum (AOD). 

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Status: Approved (August 2013)

The proposed site is located on land owned by Low Airies Farm, approximately 12km northeast of the town of Glenluce and some 9km northwest of the town of Kirkcowan.  It is set in a remote area of gently undulating land, similar in character to parts of the wider surrounding landscape.  The north, east and south boundaries of the site are formed by Kilquhockadale Flow and Ink Moss Forest and to the west by the Tarf Water. 

The total area of the wind farm site will extend 271.5 hectares (ha) and has elevations of up to 150m above ordnance datum (AOD).

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Status: Approved

The site is located approximately 1 km north of the coastal town of Ardrossan, in North Ayrshire. The turbines will be located within a working dairy farm on land currently used for cattle grazing.

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